LBHS Dress Code and Electronics Policy

Please read the information on the dress code along with the cellphone and electronics policies at Burbank. (updated 1/25/16)


Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight between the first passing bell of the day and the last dismissal bell. The only exception to this rule occurs during lunch.

Dress Code

Students are expected to adhere to the following dress code:

Religious head coverings and NJROTC caps are allowed to be worn on campus.  No other head coverings, including baseball caps and visors, are permitted during school hours. 
Shirts must cover the waist, upper chest, shoulders, and the entire back and must not be see-through. (No tank tops, spaghetti straps, or tube tops). Basketball jerseys are permissible.
Shorts, skirts, and loosely fitting athletic attire must cover at least the midpoint between waist and knee.
Pants and shorts must stay pulled up to where tops of pockets and underwear are not showing.  This includes not showing gym shorts, boxers, and underwear.
Ripped jeans are permissible, so long as the rips are lower than the midpoint between the waist and knee, and/or are worn in combination with non-see-through tights or leggings. 

Students may not wear solid red or solid blue shirts. Also not allowed is a combination of two items that are majority red or majority blue (for example, a red beanie with a red hoodie, or a blue T-shirt and blue shoes). A single piece of clothing that is red or blue with an appropriate logo or slogan, however,  is acceptable.

In addition, the following items are never to be worn on campus:

Beanies or hoods with eye holes.  

See-through Tights/leggings, unless worn in conjunction with shorts that cover at least the midpoint between the waist and knee.
See-through stockings, unless skirt/shorts cover at least the midpoint between waist and knee.
Slippers or house shoes.
Spiked accessories or chains of any type.
Gang-style clothing or accessories*.
Clothing with images or references to alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity, violence, and/ or threats.

Clothing or accessories depicting violence or weapons.
Clothing with area codes (for example, “916” or “707”).
Clothing with negative references to law enforcement.