Updating Your Address

Has Your Address Changed?

You will need to scan and send “Proof of Residence” documents to Make sure to include your student’s name and ID number. Please attach copies of the following documents in an email, or drop them off at the school

Photo ID (driver’s licence, California ID, passport or visa)


One (1) of the following address verifications. (Name on ID must match name on address verification. Must be current within 30 days of issued date.)

  • Current Utility Bill – SMUD, PG&E, or WATER bill
  • Current Mortgage Statement
  • Current Property Tax Bill
  • Current Rental/Lease Agreement with landlord’s information and signature (If lease is older than one (1) year OR is a month-to-month, the current month’s rent receipt is required)
  • Current Voter Registration. Voter Election Guides/Voting Ballots