College and Career Center


Counselors and College and Career Center

The College and Career Center is located in room A-5 in the administration building. The center is managed by Ms. Anetra Ross,Career & Counseling Technician. Students are encouraged to visit to get more information about colleges, scholarship opportunities, and other college and career related information.


FAFSA (Financial Aid)
Apply between Jan. 1, 2018 and March 2, 2018

click on this link to access the FAFSA website. Seniors, you will need to obtain a PIN (personal identification number) along with your parent.

click HERE to obtain a PIN for you and your parent.


Employment for Students
Where to go?

Students who are looking for employment can go to the College and Career Center and look at the job posting that are available. There are also monthly Resume Workshops hosted by the Franklin Career Center. 

Staff Profile

Alex Corona
9th-12th Grade Counselor- Media Arts & Technology

(916) 433-5100 x 1052
Staff Profile

Jim McGee
9th-12th Grade Counselor-Food & Health Sciences

(916) 433-5100 x 1054
Teacher Profile

Linda Yang
9th-12th Grade Counselor-Building Trades Academy

(916) 433-5100 x 1033