School Site Council


About the LBHS Site Council

There is more than $3 million in special funds annually funneled into Luther Burbank. The role of the Site Council is to not only oversee the use of these funds, but to also determine the goals of the school, direct its overall efforts towards fulfilling these goals and offer input to school administration.

The Site Council is made up of seven teachers, five students, at least five parents (but, more are invited to attend and participate), members of staff and the principal.

Meetings are the first Monday of each month at 4:05 p.m. in Room J-3.


Site Council Meeting 2-3-2020
4:10 PM in J3

Tentative agenda

  • Review and edits of previous site council meeting minutes (12/9/2019)
  • Principal’s update
  • SPSA Mid-Year Review
  • Public Comment
  • Adjournment

Why is there a Site Council?

All elementary and middle schools have decided to participate in the School Based Coordinated Program (SBCP) using School Improvement Program funds; therefore, they are REQURIED to have School Site Councils.  (Some high schools have school site councils to administer other programs and funds.  The bylaws of these councils govern their activities.) The Council are made up of parents, students, school staff and  classroom teachers.


Site Council Members

  • Chairperson – Katherine Bell (teacher)
  • Vice Chair - Melanie Markson (student)
  • Secretary – Nichole Scrivner (teacher)